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MVP Fitness group training class are for all fitness levels, results driven and FUN. Each coach will demonstrate and coach each workout while providing modifications that are necessary for people with certain limitations. Our group training is designed for clients of all ages and fitness levels.

Group Training classes provide a full body workout and are great for people that don’t have much time to get their workout in.

In a group training class, it is proven that strength comes in numbers and one of the biggest reasons people succeed is to be around like-minded people. Having the support of others is one of the most important things when it comes to achieving your fitness goals together with the group, as you encourage and push each other.

Safe Weight Loss

Weight, weight, weight! So many people get so obsessed with weight, but the problem is that a scale doesn’t give you the entire picture. You can have quite a bit of fat on your body and weigh less than an athlete who has more muscle – the reason – because fat weighs less than muscle. With that said it’s good to have some form of measurement to help you stay focused with your weight loss efforts. Let’s take a closer look at safe weight loss tips...

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