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You may have heard about circuit training, but wondered what it is and what kinds of benefits it might have for you. "Maximum results in the minimum amount of time" has often been used to describe the benefits of circuit training.

What is circuit training?

Circuit training is a workout routine that can improve both cardiovascular fitness and muscle strength. Originally created in the late 1950s to develop general fitness, the routines were arranged in a circle and the exercises alternated between


Many people today are finally realizing how much benefit they can get from a professionally trained personal trainer.

I will also be bold and say that if our medical system covered a dozen personal training sessions per year, our health care costs would be much, much lower! The benefits of having someone who is properly trained to provide you with a guideline for exercises/nutrition that meet your specific needs is so incredible that it trumps pretty much any other preventative medicine!



Safe Weight Loss

Weight, weight, weight! So many people get so obsessed with weight, but the problem is that a scale doesn’t give you the entire picture. You can have quite a bit of fat on your body and weigh less than an athlete who has more muscle – the reason – because fat weighs less than muscle. With that said it’s good to have some form of measurement to help you stay focused with your weight loss efforts. Let’s take a closer look at safe weight loss tips...

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